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count, locate and track people anonymously

The foundation of smart buildings

providing insights into the utilization of spaces step into the future

Reliable lighting control

Sentistic-enabled sensors offer industry-leading reliability and work for many lighting control protocol. Solutions for Architects

Hardware & Software

Join in on Sentistic's developments today and get your products and solutions ready for the future! Solutions for Integrators

Reliable lighting control and additional energy savings

by measuring how people actually utilise buildings

True occupancy

Standard motion sensors are unreliable but are dealt with using long linger times. This results in unnecessary energy usage. Sentistic Technology, integrated into standard motion sensors, constantly learns from its environment and avoids false triggering. Therefore, sensors vulnerable to heating, ventilation, and cooling or inactive people are of the past. get a demo kit now

Create Paris-Proof Buildings

Take a giant leap towards being a Paris-Proof building by using Sentistic Technology. From now on, buildings will only use energy based on actual utilisation and can save an additional 40% of energy. see it in action

According to CBRE, over $150 billion is spent annually on unoccupied space. Through people counting, the actual utilisation of a building can be determined and hence provide valuable information to optimise space and save an additional 40% of energy with Sentistic-enabled sensors.


Sentistic AI enables your motion sensors to become smart and reliable. Order a demo kit and experience what Sentistic Technology can mean for your sensors. Order your demo kit now


Connect your smart building management platform to Sentistic-enabled sensors to deliver anonymous people counting and tracking data to your customers. Sentistic complies with industry-standard building control protocols and supplies valuable data through its API to Third-party solution providers. See it in action

Use Cases

We already have made an impact for these Sentistic users

Within hours of implementing the sentistic sensor, we already were able to make informed decisions about optimising the layout of our car showroom.

SeatVienna, Austria

Since Sentistic's sensors fit into our existing infrastructure, we went from basic motion sensing to valuable data and insights in less than a day!

Co-Innovation FactoryVienna, Austria