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Sentistic provides an end-to-end IoT solution, empowering your building infrastructure with ground-breaking algorithms and off-the-shelve insights.

Plug and Play IoT

Enable building infrastructures to become data driven. The system functions independently, no additional apps, hard- and software required.

Off-the-shelve Insights

Customize your insights dashboard and have access to the latest IoT applications through the Sentistic Marketplace.

GDPR Proof

Sentistic algorithms provide valuable insights without processing personal data and compromising on privacy.


Know the portraits of your visitors to help make decisions and test the effects of your decisions on visitor profiles.

Heat mapping

Understand visitor footfall, walking routes and ‘hot’ & ‘cold’ areas with the highest precision in your environment.

Location Optimization

Have your own Decision Engine, supporting you to make and improve your environment based on historic insights and predictions.

Asset Tracking

Track your physical assets inside your environment.

Indoor Navigation

Locate objects, areas, products and people inside your environment.

Location Based Marketing

Respond to the needs of your visitors and convert this to higher satisfaction and conversion.


Compare your activities from various locations with others and determine which decisions, actions and advertisements per location have the desired effects.

Predictive Analytics

Understand patterns from your data, predict future events and be prepared.

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